Thought I would post to make members of the rare opportunity to acquire a 4x4 for a low Advanced Payment
The circumstances are that Mitsubishi have decided to shut down their Europe and UK operations in favour of focussing on their Far East markets where they are high profile
Basically they are regarded as Land Rover would be here.
Changes taking place purely for financial reasons primarily relating to the COVID Pandemic.
After Mitsubishi pull out they are obligated to have parts and servicing for 10 years after the pull out.

The decision to pull out has meant they have a stock of 4x4 based in U.K. which they want to shift.
Vehicles are available 10-14 days after order placed.
Mitsubishi have drastically reduced their prices in terms of advanced payments which motability customers have to find.
The biggest reduction I am aware is last quarter the Mitsubishi Outlander had an advanced payment of 3k which has been reduced to 1k
The Outlander is a big 7 seater and not short on basic equipment like heated front seats.

If the Outlander is too big they have a medium size SUV Eclipse Cross Exceed available for the same price as the Outlander available which is their top of the range specification.They also have the Eclipse Cross in a lesser spec available for 299 AP.
The top of the range model reduced AP from 2k to 1k.
If the Eclipse still to big there is also the Asx which is their smallest SUV. available as an Exceed for 1k

I am aware that the AP might be a significant concern however can be offset by the 600 good condition bonus and of course if you want you could opt for the cheap Eclipse at 300 then collect the 600 good condition bonus and collect 300 after changeover.

I think this will be a time limited opportunity as when stocks go the deal goes with it.
My motability dealer told me that he expects stocks to be run down by end of this quarter
He explained if you count the stock available with the number of dealerships would amount to only 3 cars in each category per dealership
No idea if this is accurate.

Thought would share this information.