Hi my son is stressing himself out so bad this morning he was due his assessment for the second time. The first appointment had to be cancelled due to him having covid 19 and not being well at all, so they made him a second appointment for today which is 2 weeks since his last appointment was cancelled.
The health rang him and asked how he was and he told her he is still very ill from covid and she said she could hear it in his voice how poorly he was so suggested not going ahead with the assessment but he said DWP might stop his money because this would be his second cancelled appointment and the health professional said that wouldnt happened as she would put in her notes he was to unwell due to the affects off covid and gave him a number to ring to let capita know.
He rang the number but they said they couldnt give him a new appointment yet as his cancelled appointment needs to be investigated first, this is why he is stressing out does anyone know what they mean by this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.