hello i'd like some help please. my disabled persons freedom pass expired this year at the end of march. i had been given the forms to get a renewal, i sent them off either in january or feburary can't remember quite when but before the due date. sent off all the proof as well as a passport photo. march has come and gone and i've received nothing. i called the freedom pass number and the guy said that according to his data my council didn't accept my form requesting a renewal. very weird because i still have the same illness i had the last time it was sent to me so this makes no sense. plus i sent plenty of evidence to prove it.
so he gave me the number of my local council because apparently they were the ones i had to ask. its a borough in london. i called them and it was no help, just a whole load of automated 'if you need this department press this number' and then when i got to my supposed section they talked about blue badges instead, gave out minor information and then the phone call ended without giving me the option to talk to an adviser. so i tried emailing the department instead, its been three days and NO bloody reply! i went on twitter and sent a tweet, they just gave me the same details (call the two numbers i already called and send an email which i did with no reply)

so what do i do now? do i appeal? even though i have no idea where to get the information from as to why they even rejected me? do i start a fresh application? do i call the freedom pass place again and ask them? do i wait longer, is it likely that they simply haven't viewed the forms yet due to covid or that it might take longer for the freedom pass to arrive? is anyone else in the same boat? i'm confused.com