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    Covid Jab

    Just out of inetrest, Ive had my first jab and will get my 2nd when ever, but will this become an annual event like the flu jab. I dont think the Corona virus mutates every year like the flu one, but it might any ideas

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    From what I've seen online & on the BBC 24/7 news & Sky 24/7 news that yes Covid 19 throws out variants a lot.

    Second wave for us was the Kent variant that has now become the most dominant variant here & in other country's. There is also the South African variant & the Brazil Variant. So seeing as Covid 19 has only been around just over a year it's shifting a lot.

    And yes it will keep changing & produce more variants the longer it's allowed to infect people. The only way to keep it from changing is to vaccinate huge amounts of the whole population of the world in all country's.

    The truth is no one knows how many variants there are in the world, to know that you would need to give everyone a covid test & if they came up positive then sequence that covid sample & see which variant it is if already known or new. Now that's never going to happen.

    There is currently work on two new covid 19 variant vaccines being made by Oxford AZ & Pfizer. They said this last week that they are planning to vaccinate people in the 70's & up & Extremely Vulnerable people to covid in Sept:

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    All viruses mutate (new variants) all the time.

    That's why the flu jab is different each year, because there are hundreds (thousands but some mutations fail to spread) of new flu variants around the world each year.
    The flu jab we get in the UK/Europe is not the same as the one they give in the USA because of different, new, flu variants being more prevelent on each continent each year.

    It's an ever moving target.

    Eventually though more people will become less affected by Covid-19 and the situation with C-19 should become similar to the flu is now.

    More people died of the 1918-20 flu pandemic in the 2 years following WW1 than were killed during the war, now apart from a yearly jab we hardly think about flu.
    Many people still die of flu each year, and may more would without widespread flu vaccination.

    I would not be surprised if in a few years we have one combined Flu/Covid-19 jab a year.

    PS. Interesting fact.
    There are thousands of coronaviruses in animals, only 7 or 8 are known to infect humans.
    Most coronaviruses are not deadly. - For example although the common cold is usually caused by a Rhinoviris a quarter of common colds are caused by 2 species of coronavirus:
    Thousands of coronaviruses have been identified to date. Most have been found in animals, including many species in bats. There are at least 7 coronavirus species known to infect humans. Two, namely Human Coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E) Human Coronavirus OC43 ( HCoV-OC43), were identified in the 1960s and between them they are thought to account for 25% of all common colds.
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