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Thread: Census.

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    And the fun begins:
    Campaign group Fair Play for Women argued it unlawfully allowed "self-identification" as male or female.
    The Office for National Statistics said it was asking the same question on sex it had done since 1801.
    While I'm not sure about the aims of that campaign group on this matter I am pretty sure the 1801 census didn't ask if you identified as hetrosexual, homosexual, LGBTQ, (or an alien from the planet Zog).
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    I'm not sure what they are trying to do either if I remember rightly the first question like that says what gender were you born as male or female? & then a few questions later it asks if you identify yourself as your birth gender or words to that effect

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    StarBright, you are correct. I filled ours in last night. Why they in affect duplicated the gender question is a mystery only know to them.

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    Thanks beau, I'm guessing they wanted to stop any fall out with people who don't identify with their birth gender. It's all politically correct these days. You can't even voice your opinion if it differs with the majority of people Piers found that out yesterday

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