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    I just spoke to the DWP again and was told that because my award was made at appeal and given an end date I will have to apply again 14 weeks from the end, so in a couple of weeks. Depressing!

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    The person on the phone is wrong and was just spouting about why some PIP awards that were made by a tribunal are not being extended for covid.

    (And BTW the DWP are dodgy legal ground with that and they know it, there is no real legal reason why they can't extend an award made at tribunal, they can't change or shorten it but nothing stops them extending it).

    But that has (should have) nothing whatsoever to do with the ongoing 'light touch' awards for pensioners.

    Did you tell them that you were over SPA, or were they not listening as usual.

    (I get annoyed when they do that and tell people the wrong thing, simply because they couldn't be bothered to listen properly and so go off an a stock script instead).

    This DWP press release from 9th July 2019 says it clearly:
    Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd first announced in March that people receiving PIP who have reached State Pension age will no longer have their awards regularly reviewed, instead moving to a light touch review at 10 years.
    Last month this improvement was applied to all new PIP claimants who reached State Pension age before their planned re-assessment. From today it will start being applied to existing PIP claimants over State Pension age.
    "From today" being from 9th July 2019.

    If they go back on their word now and suddenly start giving pensioners full re-assessments again there will be ructions.
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    I suspect they have a dodgy algorithm in their code since I am still some time off the end of my award....I won't let it go but 15th June is still a long way away (relatively) So I'll stay on top of it.... I'll update as and when...

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