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Thread: Parents, esa and pip

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    Parents, esa and pip

    Hi, I’m new to all of so please forgive any stupidity I may display!

    So, my dad is in support group for income related ESA. My mum was receiving DLA but now receives PIP. She also was told to claim ESA and went to some work related activity meetings where the man basically said he’s got no idea why she’s there as she clearly isn’t suitable for work and she’d be better off going onto my dads ESA claim. Which she is now is.

    Mum receives standard daily living and high rate mobility for PIP.

    they really have no idea what they’re entitled to so I’ve started to look into it. Is there anything else they could or should have been getting? Was it right for my mum to go onto my dads ESA? Can you receive CB ESA and income related? This is all very confusing and any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Unless you mum had been working and so could claim 'New Style' CB ESA in her own right based on her NI payment record, then yes she should have already been on your dads Income Related ESA claim.

    Sorry, we need to ask some questions:

    Had she been working before claiming ESA?

    If you can tell us how much ESA they currently get we can see if that is right.

    Your dad's ESA may be both CB with IR premiums, or IR on it's own.
    That's a bit harder to tell because the money is the same if it CB+IR or all IR.
    How long has your dad been claiming ESA? Was he working before claiming ESA? Was he on Income Support or Disability benefit before and then moved to ESA?

    Do they rent their house? Do they pay Council Tax?
    Any children (or anyone else) living with them?
    Is one or both of them approaching State Pension Age?

    Do they have over £6,000 in savings (or capital such as a second house), if so is it over £16,000?
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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