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    Unhappy I'm in tears

    Whe my esa was stopped as I was over savings limit I was told by esa once savings were down they could reinstate it a charity who have been dealing things for me rung esa eventually got through and this was the answer off esa well when it was stopped whoever put details into computer if they had put in that I was still being given credits and I'd been in support group etc they could have done that but they put on computer something about a stipulation or something of that sort and that triggered them closing case so I'm contacting esa in morning I'm mentally ill severely I can't work but the charity said we'll on universal credit everyone even if you are disabled has a work coach and a journal so they can message you why would they want to message you if you can't work and are on disability money so I've to put in a claim for universal credit its a little bizzare that someone had not pressed right buttons I said to the charity what I thought had happened they said well we can't comment on that the charity said you will need to do claim on line I said I'm sorry but I need someone to come out and sit with me while I do claim I've got severe depression and anxiety bpd not diagnosed but I suffer from paronia I've tried to end my life with this mornings attempt 29 times in 3 years and self harmed 7 times I've? Got autism I'm under seconder services community team I'm going to be having dbt for my bpd as that's the only treatment for it I'm not fit to work I'm very scared and worried as I can see I'm going to have to go for interviews at job centre once covid over bpd is a trauma condition job centre has triggered meltdowns before stemming from 2018 when trying to look for work after I'd been carer for mum 20 year and she died in 2014 one day in job centre someone went berserk and was threatening to come back and fire job centre where I lived at time and for safety staff locked everyone in while he was dragged out by security alarms going off after that my health cracked up I can't go into that situ again I'd end up back in mental health unit where I was in 2018 I'm just so desperate to know more about universal credit and worried about being made to look for work I feel let down by dwp????????????

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    As your ESA seems to have been stopped altogether then your easiest course is to claim UC.

    (I don't think you are up to a long argument to maybe or maybe not get ESA back; and if you did it will be migrating to UC in a few years anyway so why not get it done with now).

    So you now claim Universal Credit and tell them you can't work and that you were in ESA Support Group which only stopped because you went over the savings limit.
    Hopefully you can get some help with making the claim.

    Once you have claimed UC you will have a journal but: They will not make you look for work.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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