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Thread: Advice on a suitable mobile phone

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    Smile Advice on a suitable mobile phone

    I am looking for new basic mobile phone. Needs to have large buttons and able to store a minimum of ten phone nos. Since I have a speech problems I use email etc. to communicate with those not used to my voice. Primary want the mobile for emergencies and in my bedroom (where I cannot get to my landline phone). I have browsed some suitable mobile phones, including the Dora. I am looking both for general advice on my communication needs and suitable mobile phones to meet my needs. Many thanks for advice or help that you can offer.

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    I used to have a Dora before I upgraded and found it very easy to use. Only changed because I wanted a dual sim.

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    Take a look at the 'Living made easy' website which is a sister site to this forum.

    Here's the section on mobile phones (it's got 7 different models of Doro phones there as well as others):
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