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Thread: No points on PIP claim for severe OCD and mandatory reconsideration advice.

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    No points on PIP claim for severe OCD and mandatory reconsideration advice.

    Hi Guys

    My daughter is on 16 and so needs to transfer over to PIP. The man who carried out her assessment over the phone written a report that I refer to as being "fit for the bin" He appeared to have taken no notice of her DLA claim history and my daughter is on the highest dose of medication for her age, there is wiggle room to go a bit higher due to severity of her OCD & GAD. The man-made numerous mistakes, a report just generally poorly written, downplaying her condition and him deciding to compare it to a cognitive disorder when she has a psychiatric disorder. Said she will learn to do the things she can't do but isn't quite how anxiety works. Her OCD has played off the pandemic as a big one for her is fear of contamination.

    So yes the appeal is back there as we speak. The letter came Saturday, my reply arrived with them Tuesday and the horrendous report came to me on Wednesday. I have GAD and suffer from stress to and flipped my top when I read it, my daughter who is ill had to come down to tell me to calm down, lol. So I have written another letter to negate his points and prove his incompetence and lack of evidence to support nil points. So complaints to CAPITA, telephoned my MP, told my GP, telephoned CAHMS, yes when I am stressed and stuck in rumination I really am on one. Does me no good really but they will not get away with this.

    I thought mental health conditions were being better assessed but I must have misunderstood the media coverage in the summer. Apparently, after speaking to the mental health nurse she said she finds many of her patients have to go to appeals to get their PIP claim awarded. So we will see....

    One thing I have found out today that will help anyone understanding the mandatory reconsideration process.

    Capita writes the report acting as the decision-maker on behalf of the DWP. That report is based on the information sent into DWP with your claim and should include previous claim history (in my daughter's case in DLA claim history does not appear to have been considered) Alongside anything you tell Capita when you have your assessment. It is Capitas job to discredit your claim, apparently, there were some people claiming DLA who were not as disabled as they told DWP. This appears to be why they brought in Capita and to also make the allowance less generous by doing away with the low rate of DLA.

    Once DWP receive the report they tell me they go only off the information held on Capitas report to make a decision, bearing in mind if the boxes are all ticked to indicate ) points, that is what you will get 0 points. Capita has said they should check it looks right based upon the information they hold. I really don't think they are that bothered at the DWP to do that being so understaffed, being an ex DWP I have a little idea on how terribly incompetent many of their staff are. You do get some good ones though. So now I have basically had to discredit everything he has said to prove our case yet again, a genuine claimant who is eligible will not go away. Means supplying further evidence/pointing out the mistakes in the hope that that's enough for the case to be understood.

    The DWP post that everything back to Capita for them to look at it again and do the corrections on the report and re-allocate the points based on the new supporting information. Then once that is returning to DWP, they send out the re-consideration again based on the hopefully correct report. This time I have asked for someone else to do the report because of the high level of errors being beyond what is acceptable.

    If Capita makes a dog's dinner of the assessment twice, then you end up at the final appeals stage which takes 6-9 months for a tribunal date after they have logged your actual appeal paperwork in their office.

    So this is the process of two decision-makers on one claim, between them both struggling to get a grip with mental health disorders under a system not fit for mental health claimants.


    Contact your MP - the lady I spoke to said she has had good results for MP's involvement at the mandatory reconsideration stage.
    Medical support - contact as many health professionals involved in your care for support and evidence, even if you end up sending the same thing twice.
    Seek Advice - Get help with your mandatory reconsideration from an advisor to discuss your health problems and try to ascertain where the points are missing and how many points you deserve for each category based on the things you cannot do without care or some type of support.

    Also, there is some really good letter templates out there that help you to get your point across and explain why you think the points are missing. Advice Now does a really good one

    I hope all this information is helpful to anyone who is having problems with the Capita assessments.

    I also hope my daughter and anyone reading this gets the award you deserve, we don't need this stress.

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