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Thread: I'm a complete loss (grants team)

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    I'm a complete loss (grants team)

    Our car is due for renewal.
    My wife is the driver as I am no longer able.
    We have been awarded a grant, but when we come to put the order in for the car it has been turned down as I haven't sat in it, despite Motability knowing that this is the only car suitable for our needs.
    We have chosen the Vauxhall combo as we need ample boot space to accommodate my scooter and winch.
    We also need the car to be an automatic and have reverse cameras due to my wife's own disability she is unable to turn around when reversing as her movement is restricted.

    The car won't be ready for 5 months upon ordering and we've been told the dealerships aren't allowed to reopen until June!
    What are we supposed to do?

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    Speak with motability grants if the letter you've received isnt clear enough. Speak with them anyway and tell them you have been turned down. Try a different dealership. Most of them should be able to take your order by phone or by email. If a muppet didnt know how to place your order... go somewhere else. I dont understand this lack of interest on the dealers side, its not like they are selling cars like crazy, they should care fore every possible customer... I had to look for a serious one for about 2 months. My local one wanted me to place the order without even seeing the model. Looked a bit and found one an hour away, order placed hopefully it wont take 5 months but... I will wait, nothing else I can do now.

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