My son is in the support group for ESA and was scheduled to have a telephone appointment today at 11.15am. I am his appointee so would be taking the call and doing the appointment on his behalf.

I only received a text notification for this last Thursday - luckily I was off today and no plans so able to accommodate the appointment.

I have been sat watching my phone til 1pm then I got a text to remind me about my appointment. As it was nearly 2 hours late I rang the helpline and they said they'd get a call to the GP to see if they were running behind.

I have just had a call (another 2 hours later) to say that the GP had tried to ring me twice this morning and I will receive a letter and I need to respond to say what I have just told them on the phone that I have been waiting for the call.

I had to rearrange the initial appointment before Christmas as they had arranged it for a time I couldn't do as I was going to be taking notes at a meeting at work which they were fine about.

The text does say 'failure to attend may affect your benefit' - will no call mean they stop my son's benefit? I didn't receive a call and can screenshot the phone to show I rang them to follow it up. Have literally just wasted 4 hours hanging about waiting and 2 hours this morning prepping myself for the call. What a waste of time. Just worried as I rearranged the first appointment and they think I didn't pick up the phone for the second he will lose his benefits.