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    Not Suitable for Telephone Assessment


    I was sent my reassessment form in November 2019 completed and sent back in time. I have had 4 reassessment WCA appointments cancelled, was due to have one this morning and received a call to say she's read my file and thinks i'm not suitable for telephone assessment and needed a F2F. The woman said I wouldn't need to be reassessed for quite some time (2 years) and I would get a letter in 7 weeks to confirm this.

    MY condition has worsened I have medical evidence spanning 20 years - is there a chance they have put me in the SG (wishful thinking) or am have I just been put back in the queue.

    Any Advice welcome and Thank You in advance.

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    That's one I've not heard before, and seems a strange thing to say but may be because she didn't know how to put it any other way.

    Did she actually say "not suitable" or was it something similar? ('Not Suitable' sounds like a stock phrase/jargon from their guidance).

    Which Group are you in at the moment?

    They are currently only assessing/deciding 'Support Group' or 'Not Support Group'.

    If I remember the telephone assessment guidance correctly then there is a section in there about some people who shouldn't be given a telephone assessment, that's mainly for Mental Health conditions.
    And so that may be why you have had so many cancellations, maybe the assessor each time wasn't sure if they should do one or not?

    It seems a bit odd that they would telephone you and say that, but it may simply be that they didn't want to leave you worrying about what was happening, so have let you know that you won't be having a telephone assessment after all.

    Sorry, I can't say much more than that (I'd only be guessing) and so it's going to be a case of waiting for your letter.
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