Hello, Yesterday i received a letter from the Centre for Health and Disiability Assesments. It says i have to attend a Telephone Assesment next Tuesday morning.

This is regarding a work capability assesment that was postponed from December 2018 when i asked for it to be recorded. I wonder if anyone on these forums can help?

1. Can i ask for a telephone assesment to be recorded?

2. Are they really trying to find people fit to work at a time when sick and disabled people are shielding and shouldn't leave the house?

3. As this is regarding an ESA 50 that was submitted more than two years ago, am i to conduct the phone assesment with a view to that ESA 50 - or how i am now?

Any answers (and tips) will be very gratefully recieved. Needless to say, the receipt of this letter had made a stressful situation (life in general) much more so.