The latest ESA Work Capability Assessment figures are out - figures for the quarter up to June 2020. (MR's up to October).
This covers lockdown 1.

There's not many surprises, the number of WCA's being carried out has fallen dramatically because of Covid.

The number of new ESA claims (New Style CB ESA) has also fallen, only 11% of ESA WCA's were for new claims.
That may be due to new claimants being pointed to UC and not realising that they can also claim NS ESA? It would be interesting to see the corresponding WCA figures for UC.

More interesting are the figures for reassessment outcomes in the quarter to June 2020.
Support Group...96%

That shows that although they are not making any FFW decisions they are still finding some people WRAG, there is no indication if these were already in WRAG and reporting a C-of-C or if they have been reduced from SG.

The report does state:
The latest trend for WCA outcomes can be partly attributed to the fact that only SG decisions could be made via telephony and paper-based assessments from March 2020 to the period covered in these statistics.
Maybe surprisingly MR's up to October 2020 showed claimant sucess rates significantly up:
75% of Failure to Attends were revised in the claimants favour. (That's probably due to a court ruling).
53% of Fit-for-Work were revised in the claimants favour.
62% of WRAG/SG were revised in the claimants favour.

So overall over half of MR's were successful, which is a vast improvement on how they used to be at about 10%.