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    mobility grant

    Good afternoon all and hope you are all safe and well.

    Our car needs changing March 2022.I know it's over a year away and deposits change.We have a Cireon 7 seater Grand Space tourer at the minute .It serves our well and does everything we ask of it. We are on our 3rd Citreon and never had a problem with them. We need a vehicle that can get 2 mobility scooters in the back which the Space tourer can.We want to swap it for the same but at the minute AP are nearly or are £2000+ which is way out of our price range.
    My question is how easy and is it possible to get a grant from Mobility.
    Maybe someone on here as had a grant.

    Thank you

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    Up until now Iíve manage to get by without a grant but the way things are going when I order another car in July this year I may well have to go down the grant road.

    I too need a 7 seater, well donít need seats six and seven but need that boot space for my scooter that Iím sure is what you mean by needing a 7 seater.

    My current car cost me £1,800 AP and because of disability DVLA took away my manual car driving license and changed it to autoís only and that alone cost me extra plus another £700 for adaptions to the car and this being disable thing is getting expensive.

    I had a word a few months ago with Motability about my annoyance of having to spend more for an automatic even though that is directly linked to my disability and I feel Iím being penalised for being disabled and they said they've put a marker on my account and when the time comes they will look at giving me a grant.

    My understanding is you have to call the Motability grant section, not got that number right now but Iíve seen it published somewhere, in anyway just call on their number and they will put you through then send you a form to fill. As long as you donít have massive savings or large earnings you will qualify but like I said, Iíve not used it yet but more than likely this time around I will.

    Give them a call about 4 months before you change cars, that will be 1 month before you get the 3 months warning of end of lease and the renewal paperwork. This gives them time to give you the go ahead and order a car with the AP grant.

    Donít under any circumstances order a car before asking for a grant because once its order its game over and one other thing to keep in mind is you cannot just order any car and they will ask you what your needs are then give you a list of cars they think are suitable for your needs so if you were to say you like big roomy cars you will fail but if you explain as youíve done so here that you need that extra space for two scooter then as long as your not rich you will get a grant or part there of.

    If the car you have in mind is not on their list then you need to make a case as to why you need that particular model and as for example there not going to pay for the top of the range model if the same but basic model will do. Your already in good stance because the car youíve got now is suitable and youíve test driven it for years so youíre on good ground for suitability.

    Good luck next year.

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    Thanks Chrisk for your reply.
    We don't go for the top of the range on cars .If it gets us from A to B we're happy.
    I''ll follow your advice and look into the grant 4 months from renewing .We are due to change our present car in March 2022.
    We are not rich but I wish we were lol.

    We really love the Citreon 7 seaters we are on our 3rd and would another one if possible.I think we will have to have a hoist fitted this time because it's getting difficult for us to lift the scooters in and out of the boot.

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    Iíve slowly become poor too since becoming disabled in 2008 and have a KIA Carenís but my preference is the VW Touran but it had long delivery times in 2018 but that seems to have become the normal now and as the Carenís is a capable car I can afford the time to wait for the delivery of my next car whereas my carer wifeís knees could not bear another Winter of helping me get those scooter parts in the boot.

    I managed my disability with 3 standard hatchback cars before my disability caught up with me with breaking my scooter down into its 5 parts was really taking its toll on me to the point I was starting to think to myself that its not worth the bother going out.

    Then came the expensive option of a large MPV along with a Autochair 80Kg 4 way Smartlifter Lm range hoist (current cost £290) and my World change and I donít give it a thought about restriction when I go out now even if Iím without the wife.
    Best of luck next year with your orders and I would just say like the grant you have to order a hoist for your car at the same time you order your car i.e. with the dealer you choose so keep that in mind because if you have a hoist fitted as an after thought the cost will be a thousand £ plus but of course if you get a grant it will more than likely cover the cost of the hoist too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
    Iíve slowly become poor too since becoming disabled in 2008
    This is totally off topic, probably should be moved to help with work? Help with benefits?
    In spite of you putting a smiley at the end of that... It's a bitter one I think. I find myself in the same situation. My disability is getting in my way... And I thought we live in a fairer society. I am all for working, I cant find any other jobs. I am a wheelchair user, so bound to only desk jobs. Which are becoming harder to find. It hit me harder as the age became a factor (who wants to hire a not so young employee)... And all this contrasting with the general idea (just ask your neighbour ) that disabled people are getting lots of money from the government. And cars. And help. And houses. And whatever...
    My experience was contrary to these beliefs. I am still working, but the working conditions are getting harder, with bosses pressing more knowing that my options are fewer.
    Double tick or whatever they renamed it (disability confident) simply doesnt work. On the few occasions when I called them back for not getting an interview they just simply said I didnt meet the minimum requirements (I'm sure they just forgot about their own claim). Well... that would be the case without you praising that you're disability confident...
    Going on esa... Had a look at those figures and dont know how people are living off that. Maybe I am missing something. I am not even sure I would qualify, as I can do some office jobs.
    Carrers allowance... a joke. £3000 per year for somebody who takes care of you full time? And nothing in between?
    Yes, I do get working tax credits with the bonus of being disabled. But that would disappear I think, the minute I get the p45 from my current employers. Yes I get PIP. Most of that goes to motability to be mobile.
    Going thru the jobs listings online is a soul destroying experience. Sorting them manually with "I cant physically do that" filter... Gets me about 3 in 500 jobs. Yes I could be a driver in certain conditions. Not a delivery driver, which most of the jobs now seem to be.
    What am I missing? Any schemes to support us in better ways? Scheme is not the right word. Help instead?
    Having read my post again I thing it should be in the work section of the forum, I just started this rant here seeing at least 2 other disabled colleagues mentioning the link between getting a disability and getting poorer...
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    Red face

    Sorry if I cause you any offence Colin but this thread is a Motability thread and belongs in the motoring section as it has nothing to do with benefits at all.

    Grants whether disable ones or not have nothing to do with benefits and although I jest at being poor that is a statement of becoming poorer due to disability and lost earning over the last decade of my working life.

    I could go on about how the media like the BBC portray their disabled employees as abled to work and get on perfectly well with no other help but truth is behind the cameras they get loads of help because if they didnít how would you get a standard wheelchair into the middle of a farmers field or get up those steps to the overseas art gallery without the help of the sound-man or camera man or all the others they have at their disposal while making out there doing it all under their own steam.

    Iím not destitute by any means but like you said having to compete in able-body market is no joke but government decided that every disabled person wants to work but personally I think that should be up to the disabled person to decide if there capable of working and not to use forced labour and threats of benefit cuts if you donít or canít work.

    I was unlucky at becoming disabled but Iím very lucky now at being a pensioner and not having to put up with the media and DWP rubbish that Iím just or was just another Joe creaming of the state.

    Sorry OP now weíve really gone off topic now. ???? hope you don't mind the smiley.
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    Just a thought but have you considered keeping the car you have now if it serves you well? I had a Kuga and kept it for 5 years. I hadn't used it excessively and it had low miles on it but it was a great car and I still miss it now! I didn't have enough to pay for the AP and hadn't even thought about a grant so maybe something you could do if the AP is too high - and you like your current car?

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