I don't know if anyone is able to advise me about my problem.

I'm a part time student, it's my second year of study. I also claim ESA (I get the highest amount) and PIP. I've been on ESA for around 9 years now.

I informed the DWP of my student loan in the same way as I did last year, and I've been sent 3 different letters dated 6/1. All if them have slightly different amounts on and none of them make sense mathematically and whoever inputted the information has made up a number that doesn't match with the information I provided them with.

This morning I got a payment equal to less than half the amount I'd normally receive, so I called the DWP to request someone look at it, but the information on the letter is confusing and the telephone operator didn't seem to be following what I was saying and didn't have any access to copies of the letters sent to me.

I don't receive my student loan payment for ten more days and I haven't been left with enough money to pay my bills, top up my power and eat. I thought because the DWP made a mistake that they'd apologise and correct it ASAP but I was told I'd have a call before the end of the week. I'm not able to explain to them how the letter is wrong or why but last year based on the same amounts my deductions were less than half of what's been taken from me today.

I have bipolar, ADHD and anxiety and I'm being investigated for a tumor. I'm supposed to avoid stress but I was already having a difficult mental health time before this and this has made me feel so much worse. I'm scared to have the hearing on in my flat because the bills are high and I have a pre payment meter. I have online classes but my internet and phone bills are overdue. I shouldn't have to be deciding between heat and food. I should be working on an assignment today but I just feel scared and anxious now and I don't know how I can focus to met a deadline I have for the end of the week. I don't know what to do and I can't even get any one to help because of lockdown