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Thread: Has your PIPaward been extended?

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    Has your PIPaward been extended?

    A parliamentary written answer from Justin Tomlinsion (Minister of State for Works and Pensions) on 11 Jan says that over half of those who have had a PIP extension have not yet had a letter saying so:

    The Department has been automatically applying extension of awards of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and have issued around 756,000 notifications to date. We still have c850,000 notifications to issue and remaining customers will be notified of their new award end date early 2021, the planned completion date for all extension activity.
    Note that an extension to your PIP award end date does not mean that you won't get a renewal form.
    The extension is not to defer renewal to a later date, it's to give more time for it to be carried out, you should still get a renewal form whenever it was originally due.
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    I had a letter a few weeks before Christmas informing me that my award had been extended until Sept 2022. I was expecting a letter Dec/Jan one year in advance of a renewal.

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    I got my (tribunal awarded) claim extended from 30/8/20 to 28/2/21

    They sent the letter inviting me to claim again mid December, which arrived between Christmas and New Year. Rang the same day, got the PIP 2 6/1 returned it 7/1 (already had it completed with the evidence ready), got a text yesterday 12/1 saying they had the form.
    From personal experience with helping others with claims, it seems the current wait for an assessment is around 20 weeks here, then up to around 8 weeks for a decision. A friend had his assessment mid November, we've had a copy of the assessment report since Dec 1st, can tell he should be awarded lower rate care, but no decision yet. So thats 28 weeks from sending the form in to getting a decision (assuming he gets it soon).

    I actually rang in October asking could they send me a new one out as I knew there would be delays and thought if I could get the PIP2 in early enough, I should have a decision round about when the claim ends. They refused and said I had to wait until the invitation letter to reapply was sent out.

    So, assuming my claim follows what I'm seeing at the moment, I won't have a decision until roughly end of June. So thats a minimum of 4 months where I lose £150 a week PIP, plus SDP/EDP.

    I think, if you do everything within the DWP timescales, and they don't process things in time, then the award should be extended until the point that they do.

    I have had to claim/renew my claim 4 times now, every single time I've had to do an MR, and once an appeal, so I am fairly sure I will need an MR at least this time too, so I can add another 8-12 weeks onto the times I've mentioned, plus another 56-70 weeks if it has to go to tribunal. Obviously I know I won't get paid if I have to do any of that, but certainly claims should be extended when it isn't the customer's fault it ends, to the point of the initial decision.

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