Hey all

I hope you're all doing well, keeping safe, had a good xmas, I could go on but I won't...

My name is Emily Nicole Roberts, I'm a disability advocate from Swansea and a part time Youtuber (AKA I make Youtube Videos as a hobby when I'm not working)

I just wanted to contact you to see if my videos could maybe help anyone you help too?

I'm a shortlisted nominee for the National Diversity Awards with ITV currently, along with being featured on Radio 1 in November.

With my Youtube videos, I endeavour to change lives by filming mine, I have worked with the BBC too as I often uncover what it's like being a disabled girl in the 21st century.

Point is, I want to make people smile, laugh and realise their worth regardless of the different abilities we may have.

I truly believe that the disabled youth aren't represented well enough in the media, hence why, I'm endeavouring to change that.

I will shamelessly link my Youtube below, but thank you for reading this email regardless, and thank you for the work you do!!

Lots of love,

Emily Nicole Roberts