Just what you need on New Years day with a ram packed freezer.

Light comes on in the fridge section so it's getting power, but the motor isn't running amd any boxes in the freezer are feeling soggy/limp on their way to defrosting.

I've got a spare fridge, two in fact, but neither has a freezer compartment.
I'll fire those up and put the frozen stuff in one on coldest setting to help delay defrosting.
If I remember correctly one does get cold enough to put a thin layer of ice on any open liquid in there, but its not a freezer.
TBH I could just put most stuff in a box ouside it's that cold here.

I've no friends nearby to borrow space in their freezer, (if they have any at this time of year), so the frozen stuff is going to have to be cooked and eaten as it defrosts.

It's not a big freezer (about 60 L) but I'm talking about - liver, two pork steaks, a silverside joint, diced beef, minced beef, 4 or 5 chicken thighs, a couple of fish pies, fish in batter, 4 individual cheese pies, 3 tupperwares of homemade stew, and then frozen veg, frozen chips and croquettes, plus a large strudel.
I've used fresh stuff over Christmass and expected all that frozen stuff to last me for at least a month.

Can't invite anyone round for a feed in tier 4 so it looks like I'm getting fat this week - and still throwing food away which I hate doing.

Then I have to think about affording a new freezer, if I can't fix this one myself.