I'm not in a wc but i'm obviously disabled and people have never questioned it i also have a bluebadge which i use but other day there was a big queue outside a shop, in the early days of lockdown i went in the time slot allowed for elderly and disabled and if there were more than 5 in the queue person on door told me to come straight in like i say obvious walking issues. Those time allowed slots seems to have gone and know mostly due to xmas but cos so many people there person on door couldn't see me so i walked off as i did woman walking past said have you got your disabled id cos if show them they might let you in i said i have my blue badge she said don't think accept that saw a woman showing them one yestday when went past and they wouldn't let her in unless she had an id card. I had no idea what on about i said ok i'll look into that. So looked online and found DID so i just wondered if anyone as a Disabled ID card and has it made a difference when it's been used when there's been queues during lock down?