Hi All. Hoping for some advice. I’ve been on DLA/PIP for about twenty years so know my way round the process pretty well. Sadly my daughter who has been unwell for sometime was granted PIP lower award for both components about six years ago. About two years ago she was awarded nothing but won on Appeal the lower for mobility and Higher rate care component.

She should have been assessed back in April but because of Covid was told they’d review her case next March 2021. Last Saturday she received a letter saying that her award finishes on March 21st 2021 and if she wanted to continue her PIP claim she should ring a specific number.
Given that I help her with calls etc I rang and when prompted chose the existing claims number. When I eventually got through the advisor told me I should have used the new claims number. Apparently she has to start her claim as though it’s the first time again. This has never happened to me in all the years I’ve received PIP. Is this right as she’ll still get paid till March ‘21 surely she should simply be filling an ongoing form shouldn’t she or have things changed? Rather confused and could potentially mean a gap in payments if a new claims not accepted by March and surely you can’t make a new claim when you already have a current claim.

Anyway would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks I’m advance.