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Thread: Vehicle Excise Duty

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    Vehicle Excise Duty

    Thank you for accepting me to your forum. I have found your group by searching for some information as I have just received my first Motability vehicle. The post I found was this

    "It is possible to not have the motability car taxed as disabled.As my motability car is zero tax I use my road tax exemption for my mother's car as she drives me round when I am in too much pain to drive.I had to get motability to take the disabled class off it."

    As I still have my previous car I was under the impression that I would need to start paying tax on it, but I had been told by a friend that I didn't as the motability car was excise exempt. On searching I came across the above post, which suggests this is correct. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thank you.
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    My understanding is as a disabled person you can only have one exemption so if you have a Motability car you’ve already used that exemption.

    Motability comes as a complete packaged i.e. road fund license, insurance, breakdown cover etc. and as far as I know you can’t have the tax exception removed from a Motability car.

    I could be wrong of course but sure the deal that Motability has with the exemption with the taxman is not negotiable but you could ring them and ask, Motability that is not the taxman.

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    You're right Chris - one car only per person.

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