Was a intake of breath moment! But once I'd picked it up & felt it was thin it could not be a dreaded reassessment phew!

It's asking to see my latest bank statement which is no problem as long as my family members printer is working or I can ask another family member to try the local newsagents they used to have one people can use.

I'm guessing this is because since this time last year they gave me IR ESA & they have written what I told them I had this time last year & want to see if it's changed either way I suppose.

My question is do they ask to see my bank statement every year? or do they just do it here & there & it's a coincidence?

And another question I've just thought of about sending it back, they have given me a second class paid for envelope the address has a postcode, since last year they took a long time getting the letter & uploading the info onto their screens would it be a good idea to send it recorded delivery? especially as it's so close to Christmas

Thank You