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Thread: PIP extension a total fake

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    PIP extension a total fake

    Got a letter 3 weeks ago telling me my PIP had been extended from 17th of March to the 12 of October due to the COVID-19 situation .
    I thought great that means no pip renewal form to fill in u til October .
    Today a big brown envelope fell through the door containing a PIP form to fill in and they want me to reasses me . I have a past reports when I was assessed by one of their doctors and I quote what was written on the report .
    “ mr ***** is serverley disabled and there is no hope of improvement with time “
    What goes through these peoples minds they know my condition is permanent and there is only one direction it will change and any change WILL NOT be for the better . I have poly arthritis , COPD , neuropathy , retinopathy and Reynaldo syndrome ( white finger ) . Therefore any further poking and prodding or questioning by some nurse who can’t hack it doing the job they trained for on a hospital ward will not change anything . It’s all just a waste of time and money .
    The problem is in an accident I had in the 89s I crushed my hands so can no longer write well enough for someone to read it and with all this COVID I cannot get any help to fill in the form . Also what was the point in extending my award only to take it away a few weeks later

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    The extension is not a fake at all.

    You are due for reassessment now, and so you have got a renewal form now.

    The extension is so that your award won't run out before they have chance to assess you.

    If, (because covid means things are taking longer), you hadn't been reassessed by the 17th of March and your PIP stopped you wouldn't be a happy bunny would you?

    That's what could have happened without the covid extension.

    If that had happened then you'd be asking (shouting) why they hadn't extended it because of covid - well they have done.
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    Hello Stig

    I'm in exactly the same boat.

    Had a letter to extend my PIP award then within a few weeks a PIP form through the post.

    Nukecad is completely correct, I believe my current award would have run out sometime in the spring, so by extending it to the autumn the DWP have given themselves enough time to make a decision on the form I have just completed and returned.

    I hated every minute of completing it and struggled with my answers.

    I know only too well how it feels to repeatedly have to complete these forms, so I share your frustration.

    Channel it now into getting the award you deserve.

    Good luck.

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