Got a letter 3 weeks ago telling me my PIP had been extended from 17th of March to the 12 of October due to the COVID-19 situation .
I thought great that means no pip renewal form to fill in u til October .
Today a big brown envelope fell through the door containing a PIP form to fill in and they want me to reasses me . I have a past reports when I was assessed by one of their doctors and I quote what was written on the report .
“ mr ***** is serverley disabled and there is no hope of improvement with time “
What goes through these peoples minds they know my condition is permanent and there is only one direction it will change and any change WILL NOT be for the better . I have poly arthritis , COPD , neuropathy , retinopathy and Reynaldo syndrome ( white finger ) . Therefore any further poking and prodding or questioning by some nurse who can’t hack it doing the job they trained for on a hospital ward will not change anything . It’s all just a waste of time and money .
The problem is in an accident I had in the 89s I crushed my hands so can no longer write well enough for someone to read it and with all this COVID I cannot get any help to fill in the form . Also what was the point in extending my award only to take it away a few weeks later