This question has been asked again on another Motability forum site just last week and it’s the exact same link that’s posted above and like everything at the moment with the media and government you have to take with a pinch of salt.

The trouble the World has today with it relying on Facebook and Twitter for its news feeds half that news is false and this news or BS about buying your Motability car after lease end is another example of false news.

Of course it might have been mooted by Motability, who knows, and who knows what they may do in future but for now you can buy your car after you’ve finished your 3 year agreement or 5 years for WAV.

Just one other thing thats come to mind when you buy your car Motability will ask you if your happy with the car as it is, in other words, “sold as seen” so make sure the consumables like wiper blades, tyres or if a service is due are all up together before asking for a price because once you’ve agreed their price those things become your responsibly.