Had a very quick scan to see if this has been asked before but could not find anything.

I want to buy my motability car. Not one like it, I want to buy the actual one I am using at the moment.

It was due for renewal a year ago, but the dealers have stopped making this model.
I got an extension of the agreement so was able to carry on looking for a another suitable car.
I don't do a lot of miles in it and believe that I can save a bit of money rather than having the full amount of mobility going on it.

I have been in touch with motability who says that the best thing to do is go and have a word with the dealer.
Did that, but the dealer said they don't sell them when the cars come in, they just take them to an auction and sold that way.
Also, the dealer said to go and talk to motability about it.

Has anyone else been/is in the same boat as me and wish to purchase the actual car they are using now?