This is my first time posting, so I apologise for any difficulties. It's also a long post so again apologies.

I've recently had a visit from Occupational Health (social services) and as a result they've helped me with a few things - changing the bathroom (at last), a new wheelchair, and an electric pillow lifter.

The pillow lifter has been the first thing to arrive and unfortunately it's been a bit difficult. It's an electric one from Roma Medical Supplies through a place called Cefndy Medequip (I'm in South Wales). It comes with a piece of foam which is a half inch thick at the bottom and 2 inches thick at the top, and it's about a foot longer than the actual backrest. Due to hubby and I sharing a mattress it can't go under that, so sits on top of the mattress.

When it was first delivered I decided to see what it was like sleeping on it. I used my own head pillow for my head (I just use one at night as my neck can be troublesome), took a nap, and woke up an hour later unable to move - the foam is so thin it was like sleeping on the metal backrest itself, and my back/shoulders had decided to protest vociferously. I got hubby to take it off for me while I tried thinking of how to overcome that issue.

I decided to try removing the foam and using my own pillows instead. This made it easier to use, because unfortunately I am quite a short person so when I use this foam piece on the lifter, my feet end up off the end of the bed because it pushes me forward; it's also slippery, so me and whatever pillows I have end up sliding down the bed. I used two pillows, one above the other, but quickly found my head wasn't supported well so needed to fold the top one a bit just to hold my head up a little more. This worked for about 20 minutes, until my back/shoulders got vocal again. The pillows didn't cushion my back very well and I quickly found myself feeling the metal backrest again, and within an hour it was back on the floor.

Soooo I need ideas as to what to do next. If I can find something that cushions it well enough I can I keep it on the bed semi-permanently, at least for the times when I'm bedbound. Otherwise this expensive piece of equipment just sits on the floor making me feel guilty. Does anyone else use a pillow lifter and, if so, what setup do you have? Any info/ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Mrs Bex G