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Thread: Another Thank You To Nuke

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    Another Thank You To Nuke

    Had a knock on the door it was the local sheltered housing warden with a form in her hand.

    It turns out that where I live they have for many years funny enough the year I was born it started have a charity which gives out Christmas vouchers for people who live here & are on low incomes.

    The form mentioned different benefits including ESA Support group, Council tax benefit & housing support which I now get due to Nuke's help last year. So I qualify for the Christmas Voucher!.

    The lady said that it's usually a 50 voucher!

    A man's going to turn up on the door step asking for proof of the benefits (will sort through the cupboard they got put into later to find them) & then give me the voucher. She didn't say when.

    She didn't say what company the voucher is going to be for so it's a bit of a mystery I did think to ask but I thought that sounded a little rude so I didn't but now wish I had of done because I'm going to be wondering now

    So a big Thank You again Nuke, you literally are the gift that keeps on giving!
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    The man has just come & knocked my door. He said because I'm a new person to them he needed to see proof of benefits & I gave him the one saying I have council tax paid & most of my rent. He said that's fine didn't need to see the ESA one.

    Then he gave me an envelope. And then he asked me if I would like a Christmas dinner!!!

    The local council are doing this on the 23rd. I said no because I have lots of allergies & I asked if I could gift it to someone he said he can't do that but if I can think of anyone who is on their own or on low income he gave me the person's name & email address which turns out to be the lady who started the covid 19 volunteers who I used to collect my repeat prescriptions. So will put my thinking cap on.

    In the envelope was 80! I can't believe it!

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    Nice present; Merry Christmas.

    I'm sure you can treat yourself to something that doesn't clash with your allergies.

    Sounds like it was cash and not a voucher? Maybe because of covid and who knows what shops may be open or not?

    Just a general caution to others though, I'm sure it's not needed but:
    You should always be wary of people knocking on your door without an appointment, especially if they are asking to see personal details.
    And yes, just knowing your name, address, and what benefits you are claiming is enough personal detail that it could easily be used for nefarious purposes.

    I sometimes find it odd that some charitable organisations and especially local help groups don't seem realise/recognise that.
    Local groups especially are good hearted people and often tend to be too busy doing good that they forget that there are scammers/con-men out there.

    In this instance you had had prior warning that someone would be coming to ask, so it was reasonable to accept that they were genuine.
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    Thanks Nuke,

    It's also a Happy Birthday present too as soon I will be turning another set of years that end in a 0. This wouldn't of happened if you hadn't helped me last year so thanks again.

    Yes I agree you have to be very careful. It so happens that I knew of the charity but didn't know they did the "vouchers" I checked online on their website also to check that all was OK & the fact it came from a council warden & they had been approached by the charity to ask people they think would benefit so it was triple checked for me.

    You could be right Nuke about it not being vouchers I know the warden said it's the first time they were approached this year because of Covid they normally put the forms in the local sub post office but thought people wouldn't be able to get there so much this year so it could be a one off money instead of vouchers he didn't say just gave the envelope.

    Still can't believe it off to bed it's been a long & eventful day today

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    I've found the online form this year so I have applied again. It's still saying Christmas Voucher so I wonder if it will be cash again this year or a voucher

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    The same man came round today & gave me 70 in cash

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    In shock knock at the door & two ladies stood there with a box full of food. They are from the same charity & they picked some people from the list who had the charity money for a hamper & I was one of them.

    Pasta sauce
    bag of rice
    mince pies
    2 baked beans
    2 spagghetti
    tea bags
    family circle biscuits
    small cabdury's chocolate selection box
    butter beans
    2 jars of baby peas & carrots
    box of cereal

    I can't think of what else was in there. I was so shocked I cried

    I also had on Saturday a knock at the door, it was my neighbour from two doors down, they gave me a Christmas card like always & there stood a Poinsettia on my door step. Total shock.

    And weirdly I got a Christmas card from my Auntie who died on Dec 10th, but the writing inside the card was small & printed, she never usually prints in cards. So I'm not sure what to even think of that at the mo. Driving & elderly family member have not had one so far. It might of been my surviving Uncle he could of thought it was a bday card for me as my bday was close to when it was posted.

    Not sure

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