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    I also get conflicted about the number of deaths from Covid.

    This is my 'thinking out loud' and some of you may not want to read this, look away now

    The last figure I saw for the UK was 126,000 deaths attributed as 'related to covid' in the last year, which yes is a lot of deaths.

    There is some debate about how many of those are actually due to covid or would have happened anyway and how many covid just 'speeded up' - statistics again, use the statistic that supports your point of view.

    I've been stood on a football ground where there were over 100,000 other spectators - the rest of the town carried on with their Saturday shopping or whatever they were doing and did not miss that 100,000 in the slightest.
    Obviously not the same as most of that 100.000 would be going home aftter the match - but you sort of see what I'm thinking.

    The last similar pandemic to this one was a hundred years ago (well before the NHS) an estimated 228,000 died in the UK from the Spanish Flu epidemic. (and covid may reach that yet).

    The global mortality rate from Spanish Flu is not known, but years after the Spanish Flu pandemic it is now estimated to have been between 10% to 20% of those who were infected.
    Which is about the same as the reported death rate from Covid from those who are infected. (Depending on which statistics you look at, but they seem to aggree on that).

    The big difference there is that there was no NHS a hundred years ago so you might expect mortality to be higher back then, which shows that without the NHS we would have been in real trouble (as countries without a comprehensive health system are now).

    But percentages are very misleading - depending on what statistics you use, numbers of deaths per head of population or number of deaths per infected person is just the start.

    In the end all you can do is try to make yourself as safe as you can, and let all the politcal bollocks run it's course.

    Sorry, rambling again.
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