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    NE and Cumbria GP's and Hospitals/Hubs have been very sucessful at vaccinating people, and praised by the PM and others for their good work.

    BBC Look North has just reported that as a reward GP's have now been told they will only get half as much vaccine for the next few weeks - to allow other, less efficent, areas to catch up. (Apparently London is lagging woefully behind the rest of the country).

    No doubt this rationing will be blamed on a shortage of vaccine rather than an attempt to 'even-up' the regional figures by holding back vaccinations in well performing areas.
    That would seem to be a short sighted policy as no doubt overall vaccination rates will drop.

    There will be a new £800 fine for people attending house parties of more than 15 people in England, Home Secretary Priti Patel announces
    What a stupid announcement! - No doubt the covidiots will read that as saying that parties of up to 15 people are allowed.

    Even when things have started to look like they are improving the government still manages to show it's incompetence on a daily basis.
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