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Thread: Assisted Bin Collections

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    Assisted Bin Collections

    Does anyone have this?.

    It's when you struggle to put your bin out & get it back in again the council have something called assisted bin collections where the bin men come & get your bin for you empty it then bring it back again.

    I've heard it's expensive before, but when looking on my council website it does not mention paying at all.

    Also it say's this:

    Checks will be carried out by us on the resident’s suitability for the collection service and evidence requested from the householder. Eligibility for the assisted collection service is reviewed every three years.

    Does anyone know what evidence they need?

    Thank You

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    All councils are different.

    But TBH if you requst assistance you will usually get it with no checks.

    If you can show PIP (or ESA) then that's all the evidence they need.

    Most bin-men (sorry refuse disposal operatives) don't need that anyway. If they know you struggle to put the bin(s) out then they will help.
    It's just a case of letting them know and it will get marked on the collection 'route notes'.
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    We have assisted bin collections for all our 3 bins. Doesn't cost us a penny.
    In the first instance it did go pear shaped a bit but once the collectors got used to the change it has run smoothly ever since

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    Thank you both,

    that's good to know I didn't want to open a can of worms if you know what I mean. Just need the courage to fill it out & send it now

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    Our council have Dustbin assist and it doesn't cost anything.My elderly neighbours in their 80s struggled every bin collection day.They are very private people and ask for help from no one.After seeing battle wind rain and snow a few years ago in the winter .I rang the council unbeknowing to them explained things to the lovely lady on the end of the phone.She sent the forms to me instead of Ron and Jean because they would of gone straight in the bin.I took the forms to them and after explaining to them what would happen i told them I was filling them in no ifs buts or whyfores.iposted the form and less than a week later they got the yellow sticker to put on both bins.The form did ask why they wanted assistance.Now all they have to do is get the bin down the passage way to the corner of their house and the bin men collect it and pull it over horrible cobbles that Ron and Jean struggle with.

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    That's a lovely thing to of done for your neighbours!

    Yes I will have to fill out the form elderly family member helps me with mine at the mo & I don't want to upset them by taking something away they do for me as they want to help so have started to suggest doing it

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