Can anyone point me in the direction of a ESA payment reduction calculator or some sort of table that I may be able to use to check if I am receiving the correct amount of ESA?

I currently receive about £72.25 a week (Contribution based ESA) and also have a small private pension that I took early (at 54) when my disability became so bad that I could no longer work. I receive enhanced rate PIP for the Care and Mobility elements and my wife receives Carer's allowance for looking after me. She doesn't do any other work. I say she doesn't do any other work but to be fair she spends 28 hours a day looking after me!

We don't receive any other benefits but no longer have a mortgage on the house, which is just as well, as we struggle to pay the bills some months.

Several friends keep telling me I should be receiving more benefits but when I asked DWP if they could tell me how they worked my ESA out they said they would write to me but never did. It took 25 minutes to get through on the telephone last time, followed by a barrage of questions and I just can't face that again so would like to have a go at working it out myself if I could just find out how they carry out their calculations.