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Thread: Changing Cars Mobility

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    Changing Cars Mobility

    How does it work changing your car while coming to the last few weeks of your current mobility contract? Do you approach the new manufacturers mobility team and they do the handover or return car to original garage then they refer you to one? Can you pre-order your car before your current contract expires?

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    With Motability they send you a letter telling you that it's time to start looking for your next car and the date you can order from (which is 3 months before the end of your current contract). At least that was the case until COVID made a mess of things, but Motability are slowly moving back towards normality since the scheme reopened in June.

    The three months before the current contract expires is to take account of build time of cars, the idea being that you order your new car, then it's built & delivered before the handover when your contact ends, although build times have been increasing for years with many manufacturers. If your new car isn't ready before the end of the current contract, you keep your current car until the new one is ready. The insurance will be extended, you'll already have had the MOT by that stage, it just carries on until your new car is ready to pick up.

    The original garage is where you'll usually have the MOT, and they'll probably wash the car & photograph it so it can be advertised to the trade.
    The new garage where you pick up the new car is where you leave the old car, they check the old car over often whilst you are checking the new car over.

    So, you can order a new car 3 months before the current contract ends.
    You swap from old to new car at the garage you are getting the new car from.

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    Great info. They are not doing test drives before signing a contract due to covid. Does mobility have any cooling off period after signing the docs if a car is unsuitable within 14 days?

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    I doubt it, since it is a custom new order. Worst case scenario you might cancel the car after a few months, I never did it, but a few users posted here similar stories. If test driving is that important I would try to ring showrooms around you , they might be able to tell you when a test drive might be possible. Motability will give you more time with your current car if you decide to stay with them.

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