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    Question Backlog?

    I know there are no certain answers to this.
    I’m on ESA support group and I’m not due for reassessment for a while yet. I’ve had reassessments deferred twice already and by the time it’s due I’ll be nearly 65.
    With the current crisis I wonder if there is likely to be a huge backlog for ESA? Thanks

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    If you're nearly 65 then ESA and assessment rules will apply until you're 66 surely as that is now the retirement age? I had my re-assessment last November and haven't heard anything since then. I'll be 65 in a few months time. I'm hoping that as and when they deal with the backlog they decide that those close to retirement age aren't a priority. By that I mean those who are a year or so away from their 66th birthday. In any case it doesn't look likely that F2F assessments will resume anytime soon.
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    I think you’re right but these are unprecedented times. And DWP are never upfront anyway.

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