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Thread: Life insurance for the disabled?

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    Life insurance for the disabled?

    Please can anybody help i am looking into life insurance and seems impossible to get life insurance cover, when you get asked medical questions you just hit a wall and sorry we would not insure you, the medical conditions that i have are Tonic-clonic seizures around 5 a month i have also had a heart attack which then inturn left me with angina also i have a enlarged heart. I am a male of 45 a non smoker and dont drink.

    So i am looking for some help in trying to find a insurance company that would cover me i found one company but to cover me for the sum of 4,000 they want 22.00 a month which if need be i would have to pay but it seems alot of money for a small amount insurance could anybody help please.

    Thanks to all for your time and help.
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    Cover will be more expensive if you want to include your existing conditions.

    You can get cheaper policies if you don't don't cover pre-existing conditions but only death from other causes. (Which seems pretty useless and just another way of avoiding paying out).

    Have you found this website?

    TBH as you are only talking about 4,000 would you not be better looking for a Guaranteed/no medical plan?
    These are 'Life Assurance' rather than 'Life Insurance':

    Although the adverts you see are usually for 'Over 50s plans', there are similar plans available for under 50s as well.
    Here's an example:

    In the end though as with any insurance it's basically a case of shopping around.
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    Same as car insurance. An accident prone driver with numerous claims would or should pay more.

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