For over 25 years the Disabled Living Foundation have run a conference called Moving and Handling People.

This conference is designed to provide information to professionals who prescribe moving and handling equipment, or train those that assist patients. The event is an excellent opportunity for the professionals to learn and develop their skills and in turn provide better services for the public.

We are looking for a few volunteers, that would be willing to join us in Windsor at our next conference (February 2022). You will need to have some moving and handling needs, such as requiring the use of equipment to transfer from one seat to another and have gone through the process of being assessed for such equipment.

You will have the opportunity to help shape the assessors of tomorrow and talk about your real life circumstances, what you have found useful and what you hope would be different for anyone else going through these processes in the future.

We may ask to allow the professionals to use equipment to transfer you, this will of course be completed in a safe and respectful way.

If you might be willing to give your time, please email us on

Thank you for reading.