I wonder if someone could give me some idea of what is likely to happen with my ESA claim if we go ahead with our intention to move from our 2 bedroom housing association flat in Birmingham to a privately rented 1 bedroom house in Shropshire. I am currently in receipt of ESA (I am in the Support Group) and claim for myself and my partner. I also receive PIP at the standard rate. My partner has her own health issues but does not claim anything herself. We have no savings.

I am aware that there is 'natural migration' and 'managed migration', and have heard that moving from one area to another can trigger a move from ESA to UC. I also recently came across this piece of information: "new claims for any benefit will be directed to UC, with the exception of claims for contributory benefits and for people receiving the Severe Disability Premium (SDP) in their ESA. Following a court case centred on the loss of this premium in UC, this group will not naturally migrate and will only move on to UC through managed migration when they can qualify for transitional protection". I'm assuming that as I'm in the Support group this would apply to me? I'm also wondering how this will affect my partner - would our moving to UC mean they would start putting pressure on her to look for work? Also, if we are moved from ESA to UC, will that mean that I will need go through another medical assessment? And will there be a break in payments, and in Housing Benefit? It's all a bit worrying.