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Thread: Advice needed

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    Advice needed

    Hi all and hope you are all staying safe and well and are coping well in this crazy horrible time.

    I'm looking for a bit of advice about buying an electric bed.

    I'm wondering if there is anywhere where we could get a grant to help buying one.My husband has a really really bad back(collapsed discs) and is now finding it difficult to lie in bed.He's been sleeping in the chair for the last few months.He has a lot of other problems as well.

    They beds I have been looking at on line are ranging from 750 upwards.
    We have someone coming on Tuesday from Oak Tree mobility but I think their beds are going to be way out of our price bracket.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Why don't you try Social Services Adult Care? It is not acceptable to have to sleep in a chair.

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    Does your husband get any dissability benefits like DLA or PIP ?

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    Sorry not replied for a few days but you know what it's like .

    We know it's not acceptable for hubby to sleep in a chair but he has not only a bad back but cellulitus on his legs which broke out into large open wounds and it was unbearable for him to have any pressure on them even laying on a feather mattress topper was no good to him.He's been going to the nurses twice a week since February to get them dressed and bandaged.Hopefully now they have healed he will be able to go back to bed if we can get a bed that he will be comfortable in for his back.
    We have someone coming today from a mobility shop to bring a small version of a bed to show us..

    Yes GUS607 he gets PIP and i'm going to ring Social Services and call into our local mobility shop to see if they know if we can get some help towards the cost.

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    Social services provided an electric bed for my dad when he was alive. He also had a special air mattress as well. All provided free of charge.
    If I remember rightly OT came out to assess his needs and it was sorted from then on.

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    Thanks Cornwall I think that will be the next step for me to take

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