Hi everyone,

Would one of you be kind enough to offer your advice on how a Council Care Package works please?

First a little background:

Currently, I'm living alone in a run-down-wreck of a wooden ex-campsite holiday chalet. It is literally falling down around me and the landlord refuses to do repairs. I have been battling the local council for nearly eight years for housing help and finally they have come through (thanks to my Support Worker) - I have just been granted tenancy of a sheltered-housing flat that I can move into at the end of October. As you can imagine, I'm over the moon at the news.

I am unable to walk more than a few steps with walking sticks, so use an electric wheelchair indoors and out as my arms are too weak to use a self-propelled. I am a 62 year old male and I currently get Housing & CT Benefit, PIP (max in both) and ESA (support group).

Until Friday (when I viewed the flat), I was unaware that I could claim a Care Package/Personal Budget - I thought this was only for people that needed full-time care/rs. I do have a private carer that I pay for with my PIP; she helps me shower each day etc.

This new flat, is completely self-contained, but it is in a block with help available from staff if I need it in an emergency or to help out with things I can't manage. They are NOT carers and are not allowed to help in this role.

I have no idea how a Care Package/Personal Budget works. The reason I am going to be applying for it, is that there is a £50.00 per week charge to pay for the 'Well-being' service that I will have to pay on top of the rent for the new flat.

So my question is; will my ESA be affected if I get extra help towards this charge from the Council? I currently receive £395.20 every two weeks.

Thank you.