Hi Peeps, Hoping all members and families are as well as can be, under the circs.

Well, as can be read on other posts, we have now finally be reimbursed, in total, from what should have been our 10 days in Albufeira, booked to fly in middle of April!...so after a total 12 weeks and many emails, online chats, etc., etc., we are back at square 1 where we were in January! A couple of points I want to make is although we booked with Loveholidays and flights with Ryanair, Loveholidays we pretty quick in refunding hotel/transfers, but it was RA who were dragging their feet in not reimbursing LH (if we believe what LH say) who in turn would not refund us, even though this was a package holiday booking. Point is though, 1st time these companies put in this position, and OK I can understand LH holding back on flight refunds if they did not have the cash surplus, but Ryanair, have been total & complete B*******, as it is known that they have a reserve of 5 BILLION (yes, a B not a M!) which is the largest cash surplus of any airline even though it is one of the smallest. So they have always been in position of being able to refund flight costs. Anything else I will not believe!

Hence, as title says it all really...Are any members or friends actually re-booking or booking to go abroad over the last few months of 2020? Only asking as there now seems to be agreements with some 'holiday destinations'. However, we haven't even looked so do not know what the prices are now like, whether the airlines or holdiay cmpanies are increasing their prices dramatically, or if there are still deals to be had due to all many 100's of 1k's of cancellations.

Wifey has said not to even bother looking and has literally said we ai't going anywhere until next year, bearing in mind what destinations may be like when you arrive and that it would be a waste of money anyway. Think we are having to make do with what has become annual 5 days in Scarborough. Always enjoy it, know the area and the people.

So, let me know what you're plans are :-)

Many thanks.