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Thread: Jar Opener Recommendation's

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    Jar Opener Recommendation's

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good strong easy to use jar opener that needs little strength to use & get the jar open?

    There seems different types I've no idea which type I need as they all say they are great because they want to sell them


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    I think that it's like anything else and you may have to try a few until you find one that suits you and your grip level.

    I have 'normal' grip but everyone struggles opening jars now and again, I used to have one like this that never let me down:

    My grandmother had use of only her left arm and never had problems using one similar to this:

    Little/no strength? Probably an electric one that grips both the jar and the lid, but of course they cost a bit more.

    This battery operated type looks interesting - but beware.
    If you look on Amazon you will see many identical ones from different companies, usually with just a change of the button colour.
    Obviously mass manufactured in China.
    Many reviews say that they break after a few uses.

    If you fancy trying one like that go for the type with two buttons, which have much better reviews:
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    Thanks Nuke,

    I will have a look through

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    The ones @nukecad mentions look pretty heavy duty and sturdy. In the past I have used the rubber ones, give good grip but not sure how they compare to what you have there:

    and this one from Amazon was a bit finicky:

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