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Thread: Legacy ESA Change of circumstance prep

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    Hi thanks for reply.

    Ive been on ESA continuous from 2015 so reg 19 apply yes? I assume its carers bit because of the weekly payment but cant confirm what im getting paid for because i dont have access to the gateway because i cant give DWP the pone number. When it comes to govt or any other "authority" i am unable to submit to them in real time 24/7 for religious reasons aka the first commandment: "have no God before me" and I will not be commanded in real time via phone, txt etc by some authority seeking my submission at all times. Its not possible for me so i hope you understand how ridiculous it is for me to ask or rely on somebody else to do it liek an agent especially when its my body that is broke not my mind, dont need a third party between me n govt just need reasonable communication since there is no law requiring ownership or possession of telephone communication device. IF i want to use them i can its a personal choice but Govt cant force me to and not just because slavery is unlawful, illegal and unethical... And i didnt even mention how just three none UK based corporations control the devices our Govt wish to bind us to namely, MS, Alphabet and Apple.

    Revelations 13:

    'It caused everyone small and Great, rich and poor, free man and slave to have a Mark put on his right hand or his forehead AND NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO BUY OR SELL UNLESS HE BORE THIS BEASTS MARK, either name or number.

    Did i mention Strong customer authentication PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366) is new mark of the beast? This EU law post Brexit being applied to us so that we cant buy or sell without this beasts mark.

    Dont worry if you cant help im not angry tho it may sound it but i am passionate about my position.
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    Your religious views are your own to hold.

    But if you want to claim benefits then you have to comply with the benefits laws and the benefits rules.
    If you don't then you are always going to have problems claiming benefits.

    Again it's your choice, but it is always going to give you problems with benefits if you refuse to engage with the DWP, or with the technology necessary to maintain a UC claim.

    Moving on to you current UC payments.

    Your main query was about why you were not getting paid the LCW Element (the equivalent of ESA WRAG) in your UC.

    You do have LCW status, because of reg.19, but at the moment you do not qualify for an actual payment of LCW Element.
    (That will also be why they cancelled the telephone assessment, it wasn't needed because of reg.19).

    You don't qualify for payment of the LCW Element because you get the Carer Element instead, you can't have both at the same time so you only get the higher one of the two.
    If you stopped caring then the Carer Element would stop being paid and the LCW element would start being paid instead.

    Here is my calculation of what you should currently be getting with UC.
    I've had to make some assumptions so can't get it to come to exactly what you say you are being paid.
    But it's reasonably close, to within 11 pence.

    These amounts should tally with what is on your UC statement, although the repayment of the Advance may differ slightly (that 11 pence?).

    UC Entitlement:
    £411.51 Standard Allowance inc uplift (It will reduce to £324.84 next month without the uplift)
    £163.73 Carer Element
    £312.00 Housing Element (Calculated from what you told us above: 78.00 a week rent x 48 / 12 = 312.00 a month)
    £887.24 Total UC Entitlement

    Less Deductions for:
    £292.93 Carers Allowance (67.60 x 52 / 12)
    £ 52.43 Repayment of Advance (Assumed: Calculated from what you told us above: 891.36 / 17 = 49.32) (17 months, even though they say 18)

    £541.88 Total UC payable after Deductions.

    That is 11 pence less than what you said you are currently getting, which will be because of some rounding up somewhere at UC, probably in the repayment of the Advance.

    As you know this will reduce next month when the covid uplift is removed, I calculate you will then get £455.21. (or 455.32 with that odd 11 pence).

    Your current rent situation.
    You say you are paying your Housing Association more than you are getting in UC Housing Element each month.
    This is partly because of the 4 free weeks, UC spreads them over the year so instead of no UC-HE for the 4 weeks you get a bit less UC each month.
    (So you'll still get UC Housing Element paid for those 4 weeks, but if you have been paying the full rent, and are up to date with rent, you won't have to pay it to the HA).
    It could also be partly because of the arrears situation I mentioned above and the HA charging you more for a while, in which case once you have 'caught up' and are no longer in arrears your payments to the HA will reduce but your UC will stay the same.
    A third possibility is that you are paying extra for your Water Charges to the HA rather than paying the water company, - many HA's do that, you pay them they pay the water company. (You don't get a seperate bill for water).

    I hope all that helps explain your questions.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    Thanks for the calculations and appreciate your effort getting as close as 11p is pretty cool and it confirms my fears about being royally screwed financially but if i dont care for my relative nobody else will so they are dead if I stop which i obv then cant do because if i do stop they are locked in a care home to be murdered by jab. Already lost one parent like that... I'm going to reduce the rent payments down to the 312 to help absorb the loss of the uplift but thats another bone of contention for some reasons the quarterly paper rent statements seem to have stopped and no one govt offical has ever asked me, would you like to go digital? lol - I will not perform under that contract ever (No wink smiley available so much for freedom of thought and speech)

    As for benefit laws yes they are important its why Govt pay out in the first place but rules and policy are not binding upon me or any one else who chooses not to accept offers made extra to the lawful obligations of GOVT and so i have to pull you up on that with respect of course only the law applies here. IF this is not the case please show me where the social security act or any other primary legislation states that a claimant is required to own and operate a telephone communication device or computer/email in order to claim benefits that the law says are needed to live on! U.C is all about passing the cost of administration onto the claimant in addition to binding us all further to technology controlled by international corporations and the banking cartel. If none of you think that is odd then look again or dont.... I would have much less of a problem if these apps where open sourced and hosted on open source platforms in the devices such as arch linux but as it is im preparing for the day the mark of the beast is applied directly to the body not long now!

    Once again thanks for guiding me along the best you can despite my conviction to my path that cannot change i do appreciate the info.
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