Incredibly kind district nurse & fast calling me back.

I explained B12 done but blood tests not done, they were supposed to be sorted out in July. Also explained that it's frightening to have your medications withheld especially so when it's all you have to fight the illnesses with & that if I suddenly stop one you have horrible withdrawal symptoms.

She is now contacting the GP's (good luck on that one) & requesting a blood test form & she is going to request that it is a blood test that needs to be done every 3 months but sometimes the GP's don't do that, but she is going to try again.

So yet again the problem to this is that the GP who authorised the blood test forms last time did not do it as an ongoing blood test.

It always comes back to the GP's messing up & yet it's them that punish me with withholding medication!?

I asked how long it's going to take before I get them done & she said the forms usually 24 hours & probably looking at the end of this week or start of next week to have the bloods taken. Then I have to phone GP's again & ask for all the medications again which will also take time.

She said so I don't get in this situation again to call the district nurses before the next B12 & bloods are due so they can contact the GP's to get the forms sent to them.

Again it comes back to why should I have to?

The answer to that is because the GP's are not doing their jobs correctly