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Thread: Anyone Else Had The B12 Injection's Stopping Letter?

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    Anyone Else Had The B12 Injection's Stopping Letter?

    I've had B12 injections for many years probably going on 30 years every 3 months. I was told at the start due to a chronic illness I have that I can't absorb B12 & so I need injections.

    I had a letter today saying that due to Covid 19 they have stopped B12 injections & how this letter is worded it sounds as if I was already supposed to be on B12 tablets from when my next injection was due which was the first week in June.

    I know it's over due & I kept quiet so far because being on the vulnerable list if I caught Covid 19 that I thought for now it's best not say anything yet.

    They say in this letter that looking at my records I may be someone who can absorb B12 from tablet's & to keep having the tablets for so many months then book a blood test which will show if I can absorb B12 through tablets or not.

    It say's we are asking you to continue taking the B12 tablets so it's 6 months since your last injection then have a blood test.

    It would of been a blooming good idea if they had told me that I was supposed to be taking tablets in the first place!!

    So I'm 4 weeks in & have had nothing. I really don't know what to do tbh as any & I mean any drug change for me is a nightmare even the same drug but a different brand has had horrible painful side effects.

    I guess my first job tomorrow is calling the GP. Anyone else here find them self with this same problem?

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    I used to have 6 monthly B12 injections to try an help with my hypersomnia. (More as a stimulant than because I wasn't absorbing it).

    TBH I can't remember just why they stopped, and if it was a concious decision by the specialist/GP or an oversight.
    Didn't made the slightest difference to me having them, nor since they stopped.

    All you can do is ring and say its already over 6 months since your last injection.
    I'm only guessing but if I was the GP I'd want a blood test now to check your current levels, then start the tablets and do another consultation and set of bloods in a few months to see if they have made any differences.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Thanks Nuke,

    I'm 4 months since my last injection so I should of had an injection a month ago it's the district nurses that come & give it to me my routine blood tests are done by the district blood nurse that's every three months & I'm a month over that too so expect they are stopped for Covid too.

    Can't face the thought of a drug change as they are always very painful & I get put back on what I was having before. I'm like some sort of poorly ecological bio system & if one thing gets changed all hell breaks out

    I hope if they do want me to have the pills that they prescribe them as I don't pay for pills & I wouldn't have a clue which ones to have.

    Thanks Nuke, hope your doing OK

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    Found out this is being done to stop footfall to the GP's nothing to do with patients health.

    explained I can't have tablets they don't work. she said I also have regular blood tests I said yes she said they are doing the tablets to stop footfall to the GP's surgery but as I need blood tests every 3 months too I should book a nurse to do the bloods & not the blood nurse & they will give me the B12 injection at the same time because they are not allowed to book in B12 injections.


    Problem with all that is I can't get to the surgery not for many years before covid. District do it I said they stopped coming, she said they are stretched I said I guessed that that's why I've not said anything. I'm a month over due Basically I don't fit the mould.

    So she has put on the computer that she does not know what to do with me for the head nurse to contact me tomorrow morning.

    Anyone else ever find that they don't fit the system?

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    I really really wish I could wash my hands of the NHS.

    Does anyone know if there is a private company who comes to homes to do blood tests & B12 injections?

    I'm very very begrudgingly been put back on the District nurses & district blood nurse list.

    That was after two phone calls yesterday & three phone calls today all I had to do not the NHS

    I was told at one point by the practise head nurse there is nothing they can do for me. So it's acceptable to leave people with no B12 & no blood tests that are needed?.

    Apparently so

    If I could afford it I would prefer dealing with people who want to help that I don't have to beg to for treatment.

    I'm sick to the back teeth of having to justify why I can't get to NHS services over & over again. Even on my last ESA home F2F assessment last year I was awarded 9 descriptors & said severe disability suspected & we all know how hard it is to get any descriptors.

    Feck em!

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    I had to make more phone call's on Friday I called the district nurses & they had nothing from the GP. Called the GP say's the Dr has done it. Both ends said they will chase & leave it another week.

    Today district nurse comes & gives me the injection & blood tests at the same time.

    A little info. Today district nursing goes back to normal for them so I expect that to be all district nurses. I said that will be quieter then she said no it's going to be busier they have been quiet!

    Usually the district phlebotomist comes out to do the bloods, the nurse said that they have been taken off them for "two weeks" & been placed as carers! but have not had them back yet. That sounds like a strange thing to do because taking blood & caring for someone are totally different jobs which need equal training which a phlebotomist has no caring training! they have also taken the HCA's away I can understand that leap to a carer more.

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    For Goodness Sake!

    Why do I have to keep fighting the NHS!?

    Needed a prescription I used to have stopped having it so it fell off my repeat prescriptions list. Called spoke to GP asked if I could have it back sure I've put it back. I ordered it with other repeat prescriptions & I didn't get it even though it's on my repeats.

    I chose to not take that fight on because I was going through the district nurse fight & I don't have enough energy to take on both fights at the same time.

    So now districts are settled (as far as I know) I ordered it again with this months repeats, didn't come. So I phoned the chemist that dispenses mine.

    It's been discontinued for 12 months now & I'm surprised it's still being prescribed. I'm not because this GP is a total numpty I stay well clear of if I can from previous conversations of the GP saying I need to come in to the surgery apparently if a GP say's that my body will all of a sudden work & I will be able to get there! who even knew!

    So after chemist stopped laughing & said now you said that not me lol I said I guess that means another GP conversation yup.

    So call receptionist explained I've been prescribed something that's been discontinued for 12 months can you ask a GP for a replacement yes she will phone chemist & ask GP to sign off on one. OK thanks.

    Next day call chemist I've got one for you coming in tomorrow morning. OK thanks

    Family goes & picks it up.

    The product I needed was a small tube of ointment which is thick & applied at night. I get a bottle of thin liquid that you apply twice in the day time. The only thing that's right is it's for the right part of the human body!


    So I've gone online searched myself the old drug name & found a product that's the same but under a different brand name that can be brought at chemists. How easy was that with no medical knowledge & no medical computer system!

    So now back on the phone again to speak with a GP (fingers & toes crossed it's not numpty again) on Monday to ask if they can get this brand I've found.

    I've got to start playing the lottery so I can afford to go private I'm not well enough to deal with this I don't have the energy to keep fighting.

    I'm guessing this is not just me does anyone else have to fight for prescriptions?

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    I really really dislike the NHS

    I've had repeat prescriptions disappear from me ordering them on the phone, the receptionist ordering them on the computer & not appearing at the chemist's computer


    Now I'm having ALL my medications being withheld from me because I'm due a blood test & yes yet again I've just had a receptionist call me & tell me to make a appointment for a blood test at the GP's. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY I CAN'T GET THERE!!!!!

    Surely they can write in big letters on my medical screen I'M HOUSEBOUND CAN NOT GET TO THE SURGERY FOR ANYTHING!!!

    So I politely explained again that I have the district nurses come to mine. She is doing the request now on the computer.


    On the 3rd of July they said I'm back on the district nurses for B12 injections & blood tests.

    Apparently not! so they lied again

    She said if I haven't seen a district nurse/blood nurse by next Wednesday to call back & they will sort out some medication for me


    They should be looking after me.

    Right now I just feel like taking what I've got left at the right doses & timings then that's it. No drugs, no B12 injections & no blood tests.

    END OF

    I'm sick of fighting this

    Now I've got to have someone come in my home who could be a carrier of Covid just so I can get medication I'm extremely voulnerable to Covid 19! I should not be near anyone at the mo because we are in lockdown

    Great NHS give yourself a clap

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    I will do a request now on the computer for the district nurses to come & do the blood tests


    I phone district nurses & what do you know, no blood test request made, no appointment booked & no notes at all about it

    District nurse receptionist is going to let the district nurses know now & get them to call me today

    Why is this my fault? why am I the one who is yet again fighting them to get help? why is my medication withheld because they can't do their jobs?

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    Not good is it. We are having the same problems with hubby. Nothing is happening yet the docs say it is urgent as his life could be on the line.

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