I have repeat prescriptions & I have had a very tired district phlebotomist do the blood tests.

I can now put the sick bucket back in the cupboard withdrawal symptoms averted!.

The phlebotomist said that GP's are really busy again & they are ordering LOTS of blood tests, thinking about it it's because people are now coming forwards again with things they have put off. And with so many phone or video consultations GP's are ordering more blood tests to make sure/help with diagnosis.

She said people are more "precious" with her now, she said she tries her best with them. We know each other she has been coming to me for a few years now & she was bogged down with it. So I thanked her for what she does every day for us all & you could tell it meant a lot.

It was the same really with a nurse I had to speak to this week. In her own words "today has been sheer drugery" for them it doesn't ever stop. I also thanked her which also made a difference to her.

Although I'm cross that I've been put in this position after ringing to find out what actually went wrong & finding it's a GP mistake I would never take it out on the people who do the job.

However I could easily tell off the GP!