GOOD Afternoon all!

I hope during these precarious times, that you and your familes are well.

I am an ocular healthcare proffesional who works within the community, and within domiciliary eye care.Day to day I have interactions with the most vulnerable patients in our communities, and also see some of the day to day struggles they and there carers go through even when conducting the most basic of tasks.

So I shall get straight to the point as I dont wish to waffle on for longer, I am working on ways in which to find solutions that improve ones daily qaulity of life.

Specifically those who use walking sticks.

Hence, I would be very grateful for anyone who uses one, or knows someone that uses one --- who could spare no more than a couple of minutes to answer a few simple questions to signficantly aid my cause!

I will keep you all updated of the progress made as things develop, and look forward to contributing more to this forum over time

Many thanks