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Thread: Discrimination by supermarkets - action to be taken.

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    Again slightly off topic, but related:

    0333 305 0466

    I had a call this morning from from this number.
    I don't answer unknow numbers, so let it ring then checked it out.

    To save anyone else the trouble of checking - it is the genuine number that the Sheilding Helpline are ringing people from.

    See this post for more informtion:
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    Food parcels from the govt to vulnerable are FREE. Delivered by volunteers. So if you are offered one, say YES.

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    Thought I would put this here in case it helps anyone. If you have a Morrison's that delivers to you, you can buy a delivery pass for different amounts depending on what time of the week you want it & then you only need to spend £25 on a shop & they deliver it free.

    The cheapest delivery pass is £5.00 for one month so you can have unlimited delivery Tuesday to Thursday as long as you spent £25 each time. if you would only shop once a week it would be £1.25 & only have to spend £25 a week. It gets a bit cheaper for 6 months or 12 months that's better value than Iceland as you have to spend £25 & pay £2.00 per delivery.

    Hope that made sense!

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    I managed to get priority slots with Sainsbury's after complaining to their head office. I'm both (amongst other health issues) hearing and sight impaired. According to various sight charities, we're allowed to use the hour for vulnerable people. I use a red and cane symbol cane. I've been stopped and questioned whether I am disabled because I have the nerve to be young! Well, excuse me for being born with a rare undiagnosed eye disease that's slowly robbing me of my eye sight.

    I mentioned that they're not monitoring how many people go in and how its impossible to see the marks on the floor as they're red and white. The floor is also white...

    Tesvo and Iceland finally allowed us to be added a week or two ago.

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    I'm sight impaired but never had an issue with supermarket's early hour shopping. I usaully go to Tesco who have been brilliant.

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    I think only once I've not been asked. That one time when I didn't have my cane with me.

    Not had a problem with Tesco. But cant get everything I need there.

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