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Thread: Hospital Treatments

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    Hospital Treatments

    Curious to know of those of you that have regular hospital treatments are getting on or have you had them rescheduled. Even GP appointments to see a nurse if it was a regular treatment you was recieving that was stopped because of the current situation.

    Myself I have had regular injections that have stopped and an infusion at hospital I have had at hospital for the last ten years stopped until they find a new location to administer the infusion all of this will start to affect my health it seems like it's sink or swim currently. Good luck to anyone affected by this switch off.

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    It's a dilemma isn't it?

    Carry on with the regular treatments and risk the paitient catching C-19, (with the possible consequences), or suspend the treatment, (with the possible consequences).

    Ideally the consequences would be weighed up in each case, and the appropriate decision made for each individual.

    I suspect though that this has been a blanket decision more to protect NHS resources than patients.

    TBH I don't want to be anywhere near Hospital at the moment, it's full of infectious people.

    There have been some concerining stories emerging about people with existing long term conditions, mental conditions, and even simply elderly care home residents being told en-block that they 'have' to sign DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) notices.
    Which smacks of eugenics, and 'social cleansing' in it's real sense, rearing it's ugly head again.

    DNR should be an individual choice, (or in a dire emergency a policy that applies to everybody) - it shouldn't be used as a policy only for the 'less worthy' whatever the excuse.
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    I've had 2 hospital appointments cancelled but iv'e had the consultant of one phone me and do the appointment over the phone.I've got another consultant phoning me on the 29th .Luckily my problems aren't life threatening so a phone call was acceptable.

    Stay safe everyone

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    Indeed my last visit to hospital early March a normally busy hospital with thousands of people usually, was like a ghost town that alone was very eary disturbing experience and most of the people that usually attend I think 5 of what is usually 12 people having infusion were there. I also have now been told by my GP I must make appointments to put in and pick up repeat prescription's I have 14 regularly so this is getting beyond fun. And I think most people want to be as far away from any hospital currently. I also have a consultant phone appointment instead of seeing him. According to the guide I'm mild risk I have had flu and pneumonia injections and have asthma but no letter to say that I'm high risk it's beyond a joke.

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